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Past Productions

Uncanny Valley- International City Theatre

Uncanny Valley is the story of Claire and Julian.  Julian wants his mind to be preserved and is the subject while Claire is trying to create artificial intelligence and insert Julian's mind into the newly created "robot."  I wanted the music to feel organic but also having the feel of electronic elements to symbolize the joint of Julian into his new robotic form.  The music is a medley of themes used for the transitions of the production.

Abigail/1702- International City Theatre

Abigail/1702 is a sequel to Arthur Miller's The Crucible.  The sound design was used to  help showcase the struggle of Abigail Williams after the events in Salem.  What you are listening to is a collage of the intro of the production and the ending sequence where Abigail seeks redemtion form the Man in Grey (or the devil).

Venus in Fur- South Coast Repertory

Venus in Fur is a production about Thomas trying to cast a female lead for his play about the goddess Venus.  What you will hear will be the final moment of the production from the moment Vanda ties Thomas up to the pole in the middle of the set and reveals who she truly is.

Sans Merci- Garage Theatre

Sans Merci is a production about dealing with loss of a loved one.  The play begins in a storm.  The director, Katie  Chidester, didn't want to reveal too much in the intro, so we came up with the idea of the piano theme underneath the thunderstorm.  The music starts as the lights change as we see Elizabeth enter the apartment complex through the door and the music stops when she closes the front door as the storm continues. 

In the Red & Brown Water- UC Irvine

In the Red & Brown Water is a story of Oya's journey through life.  This production was designed without a scenic design or budget, as the idea of abstract and actors becoming scenic elements filled that void.  You will hear different moments of the production from the opening sequence which the cast sang over; Oya's track running (a movement piece); Elegba's dream about the water; to Ogun's song; and finally to the Voodoo Lady, The Woman who Reminds.

Frozen- Pomona College

Frozen is a story about a mother's struggle to come to grips with the death of her kidnapped child.  In order to capture the emotion of the play, I chose to compose the music with a solo cello for the mother's music and used organic and synthesized music for Ralph (kidnapper and murderer).  The use of cracking ice was used to punctuate moments in the play.

Our Town- PCPA Theaterfest

In this production of Our Town, the acoustic guitar and church organ were the instruments used to score the entire play.  The director, Roger DeLaurier, wanted the soundscore to center around the shaker song "Simple Gifts."  Sound elements were used to create certain atmospheres: The soda shop, the horse, and the funeral scene.

The Comedy of Errors- New Swan Shakespeare Festival

In this production off The Comedy of Errors, the director, Beth Lopes, set the play in the Wild West.  For the music, a saloon style piano and fiddle were used to create the music.  During the meeting of Antipholus of Syracuse and Luciana, the director wanted a dream ballet moment, so I composed a piece that featured acoustic guitar and harmonica.  Those two instruments were only used for that moment, since the moment wasn't real but lived inside the character's head. The show finished with a good ol' fashioned hoedown.

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof- Summer Repertory Theatre

This music cue is from the final moment in the production where Maggie is trying to seduce Brick in order to get the baby she told everyone she had.  The director, James Newman, wanted the audience to feel uneasy about the final moment, which is why the musical phrase doesn't resolve at the end.  The music just ends one note short of the phrase as the stage goes to black.

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