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International City Theater

"Sound Designer Jeff Polunas's ingenious underscoring ups the drama every step of the way."

- Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

"Jeff Polunas's sound beautifully evoke the period ambience."

-F. Kathleen Foley, Los Angeles Times

"Jeff Polunas's sound that perfectly illuminates the play's eerie tone.

-Brianne Schaer , Life in LA

"a show enhancing motif by Jeff Polunas"

-Ben Miles, Beachcomber

"Only through Jeff Polunas's subtle and creepy sound design, with low rumbles and vibrations constantly rolling beneath the play's more dramatic scenes, do we encounter the kind of attention to mood that Abigail needs in order to be given a fighting chance."

-Jonathan Ross, Long Beach Post

Venus in Fur
South Coast Repertory

"Jeff Polunas's robust sound effects.  Thunder and Lightning punctuate the action."

-Tom Titus, Los Angeles Times

"Jeff Polunas's electric sound design completes the production's Broadway-worthy production design, escalating the onstage fireworks to sonic perfection."

-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

A Walk in the Woods
International City Theater

"sound orchestrated by Jeff Polunas: talent whose work we always find praiseworthy."

-Ernest Kearney, The TVolution

"Jeff Polunas's realistic sound design and mood-setting original music complete an all-around topnotch ICT production design package."

-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Brilliant Traces
Lounge Theater

"Perhaps best of all is sound designer Jeff Polunas's subtle underscoring of the action with a wind sound the sounds at once authentically Alaskan and blisteringly frigid."

-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

International City Theater

"sound designer Jeff Polunas' wonderfully evocative blues guitar and harmonica music accompanies the brief scene changes."

-Eric Marchese, Orange County Register

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

"sound designer Jeff Polunas mixes voices and instrumental accompaniment to perfection."

-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

A Bright New Boise
The Chance Theater

"Jeff Polunas's sound design function in perfect harmony to lend a slightly oppressive, yet natural setting to the work."

-Scotty Keister, The Orange Curtain Review

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